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  • Founded: 1930
  • Online Since: 2000
  • Europe´s leading industrial        auctioneer
  • AOY Rating: 4.5/5 Stars 
  • Website:

About Troostwijk Veilingen 

Troostwijk Auctions is a Dutch auction house based in Amsterdam that offers a broad package of services to variety of industries and its customers internationally. The auction house, which prides itself as having a long history and traditions, over the last year shifting its focus to the internet managed to become the largest online auctioneer in Europe. By merging rich experience of the industry with innovation Troostwijk has become the leading player in industrial machinery sales in Europe.

Industrial Equipment & More in Troostwijk Auctions

The company opened its doors in 1930 and since then it has been enjoying a steady growth in its local and other international markets. Besides holding machinery and industrial equipment auctions, the auction house offers valuation, consulting and project and asset management services. The auctioneer's deep knowledge of various industries and wide presence internationally allows Troostwijk to undertake independent valuations of machines and

Troostwijk auctions often include machining centers and heavy machinery
Troostwijk auctions often include machining centers and heavy machinery

Additionally it is able to provide a professional advice and assistance for banks, insolvency practitioners and private companies. Troostwijk hosts auctions online mainly in categories; construction machinerywoodworking machinery, food processing, horticultural and agricultural machinery, graphical and paper printing machinery, pharmaceutical and chemical laboratory machinery. To meet their client needs, the auctioneer has developed a unique programme of asset management. This programme helps medium to large sized companies to manage their surplus assets and effectively distribute them internally. The process, called by the auctioneer “Internal Redeployment”, can increase the value of the clients assets and boost efficiency of the company by giving all their group companies visibility of surplus assets. 

Developed Service's Network

Troostwijk by implementing a combination of marketing activities and the unique expansion strategy is able to achieve great results for both its clients and final customers. Through its extensive database, which has been build over many years, the auctioneer can quickly reach a pool of prospective buyers throughout the world to sell client assets for the best price. With 22 offices around Europe, the auctioneer has the well established localised service in most countries in the continent. The network encourages more buyers to company’s auctions by making it easier for them to deal with local employees who speak their language and are familiar with specifics of local culture. Additionally it makes possible for the auctioneer to provide a more cost effective, local service to its sellers.

Troostwijk GmbH Online Benefits

Last but not least, Troostwijk clients can benefit from auctioneers online platform which today serves as the focal point in auction sales. The auctioneer has developed their own unique online auction software so potential buyers can bid securely, reliably and with confidence without a risk of them giving up prematurely because of technical issues. The inventory description and images are always made by company's employees, therefore, all assets on sale are described as accurate and detailed as possible. The website receives more than 600,000 unique visitors and more than 15 million pages views per month.Similar Auction Houses:

Troostwijk Auctions

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