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CLAAS LogoCLAAS is located in Harsewinkel and was founded in 1913 by August Claas. They mainly produce farm equipment, which is the sector that the founder focused his development and vision. This tradition was taken by his successors and transformed into a successful and internationally established company. Here on TradeMachines you could find many used CLAAS agricultural machinery for your chossing, place the bid and win the used claas machine.


CLAAS  Agricultural Machinery


The founder of this company was always developing new products, even at the very beginning stages. The CLAAS knotter, a solid and robust hay baler, was the foundation for this company's success story. Through strong innovation, CLAAS Germany produced the first combine harvester in 1936 and introduced it onto the European market. In the following years it had established itself as a specialist with the brands SUPER, EUROPA and MATADOR. CLAAS Germany followed the trend that was moving towards large agricultural plots with its ever powerful combine harvesters. This company transformed into a specialist for harvesting processes through the development of their forage harvesters and machines for green harvesting. Their spectrum of products was completed after the acquisition of Renault Agriculture. In 2003, CLAAS's range of tractors was able to provide a complete set of harvesting machines for modern agriculture. At the moment, CLAAS is located in Europe, America, and Asia, employs around 10,000 employees. In 2013, they had a turnover of 3.8 billion Euros. The Claas America web portal Claas Of America has more information on products and services offered in America region.

CLAAS Offers A Range of Services

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Combine harvesters

Forage harvesters

Bale Presses


CLAAS has established themselves as an international specialist of agricultural machines, over their 100 year history. With their own development and strategical acquisitions, this company is in the position to supply the entire chain of harvesting processes. In addition to the original knotter, which was modified over the years into a fixed chamber baler with integrated cutting tools, and combine and forage harvesters, tractors are also part of CLAAS Equipment product portfolio.